Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite DIY Project of 2010

Our favourite DIY project we made in 2010 (after my son that is....)
is hands down our fireplace mantle. It has changed our whole open concept living space and made it much more cozy.

Here is the "Before" that I snapped while we were having the house inspection done in 2008 with the sellers furniture.
Here is the "After" that we completed this fall.
This project cost us around $350.00.  We created the mantle piece by using two different kinds of moulding to cover some scrap oak we had on hand.  By painting  it white we were able to seal the joints of the 2 pieces of moulding and paint it.  I have since spray painted the gold handles on the screen that came with the house black and it looks much better. Our room now has a focal point and I have had so much fun decorating for the different seasons with it.

                                            Halloween                                           Christmas


  1. your mantle is so, so pretty! what a wonderful job - you must really enjoy it. Happy new year!

  2. This is gorgeous! Congrats on your son and your beautiful living room!


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