Thursday, December 9, 2010

Plant Stand Makeover

I Loooooove baths.  Its my little escape when I get to go read in the tub and listen to relaxing music. I have been looking for awhile now for a little table to sit next to the bathtub to hold a glass of water, a novel (so it doesn't get wet) and some bath accessories etc. I saw this $8.00 brass plant stand at a flea market this past fall that was quite frankly...U.G.L.Y...but I saw its potential!
I wish I had a before picture before I spray painted it...but I am much too impatient for that.  Here it is after a coat of Rustoleum "Heirloom White" spray paint sitting next to an old pot I plan to use as a caddy for some bath accessories.
 I  wrapped the handle of the little pot in natural jute to create a more natural-spa-like look.  
I added a pretty little bird plate I had to the top of it to hold my glass of wine water and a novel I am reading.
I love my little $ 8.00 thrifty plant stand table!
Its fun to look for things and think "how can I use them differently?"  Does this look like a table to you? or do you just see a plant stand?  Either way I like the shabby chic look to it and if I grow tired of it, I might put it out on the deck in the summer with some flowers.

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