Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simple Christmas Arrangement

I made these arrangements for the bathrooms at my work to add a little festive touch.  My goal was to make something nature inspired and not spend any money doing it.  I swiped the empty vases that were sitting in the bathrooms.  I foraged in the woods behind my house for any recent fallen birch and peeled the birch bark off of them.  I also cut some pine branches, dogwood branches and collected some spruce pine cones from the ground.  I used natural jute to tie the birch bark around the glass vase and added some green foam inside the vase to help anchor the branches.  It is hard to see in the photo but I liquid papered the pine cone edges to create a snowy effect.  (It was faster than opening a can of paint and washing a brush). These arrangements took a little time for the foraging but took five minutes to make.  I have received lots of great compliments from work on how they look in the bathrooms.

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