Monday, March 28, 2011

Placemat File Box

Ever since we lost our 3rd bedroom (which acted as our home office) to our son's nursery our mail and filing has been less than perfect...
Mail in tray on top of fridge
Carrying papers down to the filing cabinet downstairs is just not convenient on a daily basis.  I needed a solution for filing our daily mail in a central location but that was still pretty and low cost.  I started by purchasing a simple inexpensive letter size file box at staples. 

I acheived the "pretty" by hot gluing two placemats to the file box which fit perfectly, I only had to cut a small strip off the bottom.
There were so many placemats to choose from at the dollar store, but I loved the texture of these cream coloured ones.
I am going to create the following labelled tabs so that our active files have a home.
  • To Pay
  • To Act
  • To Read 
  • To File
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  1. Totally cute. I have a pile of junk on my kitchen table that just gets shoved closer and closer to the edge, or piled on the extra chair in the corner. I need and extra folder for coupons.

  2. Nice Idea. Looks Great. And Price was right...LOL


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